50 New Species Found in Indonesian Sea

The scientists acknowledged that Indonesia has a wealth of incredible marine resources
Joint Expeditionary Team Indonesia - United States (U.S.). Three Week find dozens of species of plants and marine Under the archipelago. Arts species never before seen photos immortalized. Using the video camera and Ship Okeanos Explorer From the U.S. and Baruna Jaya IV From Indonesia, the expedition team had ended MISSION ON August 14 So. Looking at the taxable income of photographs and video footage, Thursday, August 26, 2010, the research team estimates that at least 50 species of plants and  Outstanding Ever seen before.
The scientists were impressed by this invention and acknowledged that Indonesia has a wealth of incredible marine resources. "During his career as a researcher I just saw some rare species. But on this expedition, I was amazed at the incredible diversity of species," says Verena Tunnicliffe. professor from the University of Victoria in Canada after seeing a number of images that recorded the expedition team.
Timothy Shank of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Massachusetts revealed that he and his team managed to record more than 150,000 high-definition video footage. "I feel there are at least 40 new species in deep-sea coral and at least 50 new species are similar to shrimp, clams, sponges , mussels, and others, "said Shank.
However, confirmation that this species seems really new and require further study that could take many years. The expedition team using advanced sonar mapping systems and robotic vehicles to explore the sea floor with an area of 54,000 square kilometers in the waters of Sangir Talaud, Indonesia. Ocean depths between 240 meters north to 1.6 miles. (Associated Press)
Here are some who perpetuated by a team from the ship Okeanos Explorer owned by the U.S. Marine Agency, published by the Associated Press 



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