Samalona Island

samalona island
Across the harbor of Makassar is Samalona Island, which has been developed into a pleasant recreational resort. It can be reached by boat in 30 minutes and has simple accommodation. Recreational sports include diving, snorkeling, jet ski, and fishing. Best months to visit are from Maret to October.
Administrative Region District Mariso, Makassar
Area 2.34 hectares (ha)
Distance from Makassar City, 25-30 minutes
Rent a boat about three hundred thousand rupiah
And home to about 15 heads of households (families). The island is composed of white sand and coral rubble overgrown with a variety of vegetation. The distance from the coast about 20 yards out toward the island is crystal clear and shallow waters at a depth of 30 meters around the Samalona island, there is a wreck of the bomber, Lancaster Bomber, which has turned into the shelter of corals and ornamental fish habitat.


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