Amazing Diving Indonesia Location

More than 5 million square meters in waters around the Indonesian archipelago. No doubt, Indonesia became a shelter for hundreds or even thousands of species of underwater creatures and coral clusters are beautiful and colorful. Surely this country offers many dive sites which is a dream for most divers.
Due to the often volatile political situation and a warning to tourists who are usually too much, you'll rarely find this country in the list of most tourists travel. Fortunately for tourists who are brave and adventurous, this means fewer tourists and more peace, so you better be able to enjoy the beauty as you like. Here is a list of eight stunning dive sites in Indonesia.

Indonesian festivals

Indonesia is often referred to as the sleeping giant of Southeast Asia, and the epithet was indeed appropriate. With more than 18 thousand islands, this archipelago has a remarkable diversity of what you can see or do while on vacation there.
Modernization brings a wide range of development (some say excessive development) to Jakarta, while the Bali tourism back to life after being destroyed when a bomb blast 2002. There are also mountains such as Borobudur Bromo and the mystical to search various types of attractions, as well as 6000 when the Indonesian island of berpenghuni.Tidak surprisingly offers a variety of festivals that are very distinctive feature of their culture, reflecting the ethnic diversity and traditions from various parts of the archipelago. You will find that diversity in these seven uniquely Indonesian festival, ranging from the celebration of art, batik, dance and ceremony. If possible, you can witness one of the festival during his visit to Indonesia!

Toraja Festival
Festival of Culture and Lovely December 2009 in Toraja, South Sulawesi, is expected to push at least 5000 Toraja people overseas to return home together to revive the South Sulawesi Toraja as a tourist icon. Nico Pasaka, Coordinator of the eastern Indonesian Tourism Society, said it further -distant days have urged the public ...

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