Selayar Island

Screen Islands District (formerly the district a screen) is a district in south Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The capital of this district is located in the castle town. This district has an area of 903.35 km ² and a population of approximately 100,000 people. Screen Islands District is a district that has several sub-districts which are separated by oceans. Islands District is one district among 24 districts in South Sulawesi province that is located at the southern end and extends from north to south. This area has the specificity, ie the only district in South Sulawesi that all the country apart from South Sulawesi mainland and more than that the district archipelago consists of a screen so that a group of several islands archipelago.

Group of islands totaling 123 pieces both large islands and small islands that stretches from north to south. The total area of the district recorded a screen 1188.28 square km land area (5.23%) and 21138.41 km ² (94.68%) sea area, which measured 4 (four) miles out at low tide to the outer islands . Geographically, the district screen archipelago located at coordinates (location astronomy) 5 ° 42 '- 7 ° 35' south latitude and 120 ° 15 '- 122 ° 30' east longitude, which is bordered by:
* To the north with Bulukumba and Bone 
* The eastern bay of the sea Flores (East Nusa Tenggara province) 
* To the south by the Province of East 
* West with flores sea and Makassar strait
Based on the location, a screen is an archipelago of islands located between alternative channels of international trade, which makes the screen is geographically very strategic as a center of trade and distribution both nationally to serve eastern Indonesia as well as on an international scale to serve the countries in the Asian region.

The existence of the ship which sank [London Trinity] 
According to one local resident, in one lump of iron that never lifted, found the words "london Seriti". Could it be the name of the ship? But of course the word Seriti questionable because it does not exist in English dictionaries. Possible name "london trinity". If the allegations are true, then the vessel is clearly a British ship. Based on the traces are left, an iron vessel over a length of 75 meters it is obvious because in the vicinity of steamboat wrecks found in coal and charcoal, which began to stone. This conjecture is corroborated by stories of residents that until the 1980's chimney of the vessel is still sticking to the surface. Many fishermen who often stop or boats moored in the chimney. From the start rotting wood piles, were found around the hull, it became clear also that the barriers and floor space ship made of wood. Unfortunately we are still difficult to reconstruct the form of the vessel is due to the remaining part of the hull sides where the bottom is still buried in the sand. Keep digging to find out the shape of the ship.

Buried treasure
District archipelago consists of 132 islands screen and the new 26 islands are inhabited by humans. Covers an area of 10,503.69 square kilometers (km2) consists of the mainland area of 1357 km2 and the rest is the sea area (9146.66 km2). Spacious and beautiful ocean is very possible the development of marine tourism, fisheries, and mineral and oil fields off the coast of treasures in this area quite a lot. however, has not raised its maximum. Experts interpret history, gongs nekara a Bronze Age cultural heritage. He was estimated to be about 2,000 years more. Gong was found in a royal serf peasant named saburu year 1686. Because the soil was found in the kingdom, until 1760 this gong to be the royal heirloom.

Gong has three functions of his time, namely the function of religious, social, cultural, and political. Religious functions namely as a means of communication, ceremonies, and symbols. Meanwhile, the social function of culture as a symbol of social status, ceremonial device, and works of art that has the magical power of the religious. While the political function that is a sign of danger or hint of war. Not only gongs, are also found in a screen that is believed to anchor the largest and longest of its era. Anchors are now stored in the desert fishing village. Anchors are equipped with cannons that are thought to be relics of Chinese traders in the 17-18 century.


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