Going For a Scuba Diving? Understand First The Real Safety Issue of The Underwater World

Scuba diving is one of the great adventures that one can take to explore the vast wonders of the underworld that cannot be seen on the surface of the water. This is an underwater activity where the diver utilizes breathing equipment or scuba apparatus to be able to stay underwater for longer period of time. To those who are less knowledgeable about scuba, the name was actually derived from its acronym of "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus". Scuba diving can be both a recreational and professional diving activity.
Scuba diving activities are present where open waters and reefs are located. It is mostly ideal in clear tropical oceans where you can gaze from a long distance and see the sea life that inhabits it. Although there are many famous scuba diving spots around the world, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to limit your adventure to these vacation destinations. There are still multitudes of oceans, lakes, and seas that are perfect for scuba diving. The only thing that you should remember is the right scuba equipment, the proper scuba diving suit, and other scuba diving accessories, and how to survive underwater.

Phinisi Boat Development

If we ask the residents in Ara, Tanah Beru, Bonto Sub District Marine South Bulukumba about the history of boat building Pinishi, then they spontaneously will give answers based on the mythology of the "Legend Sawerigading The Departure To China". Once, there was Sawerigading, son of King Luwu Batara Latu who loves a girl. Where is the girl Tenri Abeng Us Who else was her own sister, then the lights Keep Batara Latu refused Sawerigading who wanted to marry her sister. Gothen, bringing Sawerigading to go to China to use boats made of tree trunks Welengrenge.Pinishi Boat Development Sawerigading went. While Sawerigading leave the Kingdom Luwu, he vowed not to return again to Luwu. After traveling and a lot of obstacles, Sawerigading reportedly arrived in China and married with Cu Dai I We are also still cousins Sawerigading and settled in China. However, due to have left his homeland, Sawerigading dogged longing to go home. His desire to return is hisenthusiasm that led him forget the oath.Syahdan, Sawerigadingpun home. But the resentfulum go to the Land Luwu hometown, suddenly came crashing devastating hurricane and storm boats. Because of the strong storm hit, the boat Sawerigading broken to pieces. And, a fraction of the boat was stranded in some places. Since the host boats already in pieces, along with its crew Sawerigading settled a few days at the Mandala Beach Ria for breastfeedingsun back new boats assisted with the Ara. The boat that will take back to the Land Luwu Sawerigading.

50 New Species Found in Indonesian Sea

The scientists acknowledged that Indonesia has a wealth of incredible marine resources
Joint Expeditionary Team Indonesia - United States (U.S.). Three Week find dozens of species of plants and marine Under the archipelago. Arts species never before seen photos immortalized. Using the video camera and Ship Okeanos Explorer From the U.S. and Baruna Jaya IV From Indonesia, the expedition team had ended MISSION ON August 14 So. Looking at the taxable income of photographs and video footage, Thursday, August 26, 2010, the research team estimates that at least 50 species of plants and  Outstanding Ever seen before.

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