Samalona Island

samalona island
Across the harbor of Makassar is Samalona Island, which has been developed into a pleasant recreational resort. It can be reached by boat in 30 minutes and has simple accommodation. Recreational sports include diving, snorkeling, jet ski, and fishing. Best months to visit are from Maret to October.
Administrative Region District Mariso, Makassar
Area 2.34 hectares (ha)
Distance from Makassar City, 25-30 minutes
Rent a boat about three hundred thousand rupiah

Kodingareng Keke Island

kodingareng keke island
Kodingareng Keke Island is one of 11 islands located in the area of Makassar, South Sulawesi. Island tours are a mainstay of Makassar is located on the north island Kodingareng Lompo and is 13.48 kilometers from Makassar. Islands extending from northeast to southwest.

Cottages in Kodingareng Keke Island
On the south side of the island, its shores are composed of rock fragments of various sizes up to form gravel. While on the north side of the island of white sand stretching medium until smooth and shape change followed the west and east of the season. From Makassar to Kodingareng Keke there is no regular transportation. However, tourists can rent a motor boat in the Losari Beach, Makassar. Not recorded the population of this island, but in the last five years there were several buildings for tourist accommodation. The buildings are managed by a Dutch citizen who has to re-plant some pine trees. On the west side there is land barrier formed by the sedimentation process is composed of coral fragments materials. At the lowest tide, there is a wide plain especially in the western, the sea reaches depths of more than 20 meters. Waters of the northwest and 1.5 miles from the island, is a fairly large area with a depth of less than 5 meters, while the waters of the east and south is the flow of shipping into and out of the Port of Makassar Ocean.

Takabonerate Island

Takabonerate Island
Spread over 2,220 square kilometers in the Flores Sea south of the island of Sulawesi, Takabonerate is the largest atoll in Indonesia and the third largest in the world. The 21 small ilands of Takabonerate offer nesting areas for sea turtles, which thrive here on the huge meadows of seagrass. The atoll rises sharply from the side of a submerged ridge 2,000 meters below the surface. Once a huge volcano, it has since subsided, leaving a wide ring of coral. The waters inside the atoll are magnificent turquoise, surrounded by the deepest blue imaginable. And they are rich with 158 species of unique corals. Our dive starts at 2-3 meters over the reef top and then swim out over the outer wall of the atoll. Visibility is normally about 30 meters and the wall seems to extend downward forever. The growth of cirak and garganians was excellent and schools of jacks cruise the wall. In the huge cuts and crevices in the wall, we see giant groupers, Napoleon wrasses, sea turtles, lion fish and moray eels.

Kapoposang Island Nature Park Tour

Located in District Liukang Tupabiring, District Pangkajene Islands (Pangkep) of South Sulawesi Province area. With an area of 50 000 ha Geographic Location 4 ° 47'00 "- 4 ° 50'10" latitude and 119 ° 17'00 "119 ° 22'25" E . Natural Park (sea) Kapoposang Islands is one type of representative reef edge / flat, seagrass, and mangrove areas in Sulawesi. Coral reef edge is a major ecosystem, the waters surrounding the islands form the mainland Kapoposang. Coral reef (reef flats) as far as 200 meters to edge, with a depth of 1-10 meters at low tide.The types that have been identified at a depth of less than 10 meters as much as nine families of hard corals, a family of soft corals, anemones two families, four families and five families gorgonian sponges. Kind of like a giant sponge Xestopongia sp. Stone can be seen in the waters Mandura.

Sembilan Islands

Sembilan islands are row of small islands, which is promoted by the local goverment of Sinjai as the marine tourism spot. The area has great potentials mainly because of the coral reef and various kinds of fishes in the sea. It is called sembilan islands because it consists of nine islands, namely Kambuno, Ling-ling, Burungloe, Kodingare, Batang Lampe, Katingdoang, Kanalo I, kanalo II, and Larea-rea islands. Among the nine islands, one of them-Larea-rea-is empty. The sembilan islands tourism spot is also supported by another smaller island, which is just recently formed (formed of soft sand in the from crystal). This is already very popularly known. Along the beach of the sembilan islands, the visitors can view the beauty of white sands and small trees grown along the island. In addition, the sembilan island also supported by clam and small wave and almost never been dash by big wave. This makes very great potential to be further developed as the water sports center such as diving, water ski. oar and fishing.


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