Kabaena Island

This island is not known and the island has become a tourist destination, even in Southeast own, but do not lose much with the history of the royal tour of Buton and Wakatobi diving resorts, but at this Kabaena there are a variety of beautiful scenery untouched, unique and exotic as well as there is no other place.Kabaena an exotic island located in Southeast Sulawesi Province which is as far as two hours' drive west of the sea Baus on Buton Island.
Kabaena has 890 million square meter area and divided into two districts, Bombana and Buton. When taken from Jakarta, this region can be achieved through air travel from Jakarta to Makassar, Kendari or Jakarta-Makassar-Baus for approximately four hours. If you've arrived at Kendari, towards the island Kabaena can continue with ground transportation to pasipute for two hours, and followed by a speedboat passengers Sikeli destination in Western Kabaena for two and a half hours, or to the Southeast Kabaena Talaga in a three hour drive. Another point of Kendari can be reached by taking the option to Baus with a fast boat for six hours, then followed by a speedboat passengers heading for a two-hour drive Talaga. Dangerous times to this area is the season when high winds like the east and west winds that can generate waves as high as three or four meters. When summer arrives, the captain will take the schedule early in the morning when the wind slow and at high tides and calm sea water.

 Between Coral Reef and The Old Pier
 The beauty of this island starting from Talaga Kingdom, an island district located in the southeastern part Kabaena, this district of villages Kokoe, Wulu, Talaga I, II and Talaga Large. Position into a district which includes the administrative area of Buton is rather unique. That is just tucked in a small southeastern island of Kabaena, while the far majority of the other section, into the administrative area Bombana. Two main islands in this district is an island Talaga Talaga Small and Large are in fact the island population is inversely proportional to its name. Talaga Small Island has a population more than other regions
when in fact on this island there is no facility of clean water. Allegedly turned out, was ancient residents intend to stay in the village of Wulu who have eyes water and land are much broader. But in the end turned out many creatures Wulu Village smooth and always disturb the peace of the residents, they were forced to move to the other side. Until now, to meet the needs of clean water, residents of Small Talaga daily commute to the village with a boat full of jerry cans Wulu (water container). Talaga Small island composed of limestone is when viewed from the direction of the mainland across from the Village Wulu Kabaena, inverted dish-shaped so that it looks perfect so that it looked as if like a UFO that landed in the waters. In addition to unique shape, a panorama of the island and villages within it is very beautiful. Shallow sea-green with a shiny white sand scattered around the island and there are few places untouched coral reefs. As the sun sank in the western horizon, the old pier and the boats form a line that produces the sensation of the beautiful scenery in the heart imprint.


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