The diving center Selayar Dive Resort South Sulawesi Indonesia

The diving center is sited right next to the restaurant in the middle of the Selayar Dive Resort, only a few steps from the jetty. We have 40 121-tanks with INT connections, ready for use at any time. Guests are invited to take these tanks whenever they wish to go diving on the house reef. Tanks are already on board the boats for dive trips. We use high-quality Bauer compressors that operate in the jungle far from the resort so that the tranquillity of the resort is not disturbed Since safety is a great concern to us, an emergency kit with oxygen is however always present at the diving center. 

We have dive equipment available for rent at a reasonable price. DIN adaptors, weights and a surface market buoy are provided on request free of charge. Facilities in the form of two big freshwater tanks for rinsing equipment and cameras etc stand in front of the diving center.

Panorama Sunset At Cape Akkarena

a child is to enjoy the beach
The beach has always been a tourist destination that is not only exotic but also promises a riveting entertainment. With complete facilities, Tanjung Bunga Akkarena managed to synergize these two items. As the coastal regions, Makassar has a long beach with huge potential to be used as one tourist attraction, one of which is Akkarena Tanjung Bunga. Built on an area 12 hectares, this recreation area offers a variety of entertainment for you and your family. Ranging from sports facilities, playground up to the dock where you can sit back to enjoy the sunset. As the coastal regions, Makassar has a long beach with huge potential to be used as one tourist attraction, one of which is Akkarena Tanjung Bunga.

Mallusetas Marine Park

Barru is one district that is on the west coast province South Sulawesi, located between the coordinates 4 ° 5'49 "47'35" south latitude and 119 °49'35 "south latitude and 119 ° 35'00 - 119 ° 49'16" east longitude with an area1.174.72 km ² is ± 100 km north of Makassar, and 50 km south of Parepare city with coastline of ± 78 km. Barru Trans-Sulawesi on track and is a regional tourist traffic between Makassar Tanah Toraja as a tourist destination. Travel fromMakassar Barru can be applied for 1.5 hours and from city to city Parepare Barru for 45 minutes.

Tanjung Bira Beach

TIP of South Sulawesi peninsula offers a very charming romantic place. That is Tanjung Bira (Cape of Bira) Beach. Tanjung Bira has clear views of sea, white sand, with very adequate facilities. Come to Tanjung Bira. Feel soft of white sand while enjoying the breezy wind.

Location of Object
Tanjung Bira Beach located in Tanjung Bira Village, Bonto Bahari District, Bulukumba Regency, Province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The distance is about 40 kilometers eastern of Bulukumba capital regency, or about 200 kilometers southeast of Makassar City.

Why Asia Is Ignoring Global Warming

A factory near the beach in 
North Jakarta spews smoke.
In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, traffic moves as slowly as blood through a corpse. Streams of motorcycles part for SUVs and diesel-spewing buses, and everyone gets nowhere fast. The air is clogged from the vehicle exhaust and from the frequent forest fires that break out around Indonesia. Once home to some of the most extensive rainforests in the world, Indonesia is now losing trees at a faster rate than any other nation in the world, to flames but also to rampant logging. Since equatorial trees soak up carbon dioxide when they're alive and release the gas when they're cut down or burned, Indonesia's rapid deforestation is the main reason why this country of 245 million is the third-biggest carbon emitter in the world after the U.S. and China. But like other developing countries, the Indonesian government says it needs to focus on economic growth to raise its people out of poverty — and that likely means that trees will be cut, cars will be added and carbon emissions will only go up.


In Southern Sulawesi, traditional boat builders still make wooden sailing ships the same way that they have been doing so for hundreds of years. These boats are called pinisi, or Phinisi schooners. They are made by the Bugis boat builders on the beaches of Southern Sulawesi in the Bulukumba area, at places like Tanah Beru. You can find an agent to help you build a bugis pinisi schooner in Ujung Pandang (Makassar).

Sandeq Boat

Majene District is one of the five district in West Sulawesi province region with 125 km long beach is located on the coast of West Sulawesi, stretching from South to North with an area of 947.84 km. Majene District 8 District is comprised of Banggae, East Banggae, Pamboang, Sendana, Tammero'do Sendana, Tubo Sendana, Malunda and Ulumanda, which covers 40 villages and wards. Majene district capital in the urban area of District Banggae 5515 km, which was in position south of Majene district, with an hour take about three hours to four hours from the capital of West Sulawesi (Mamuju) is ± 142 km.

SANDEQ, Mandar is a traditional boat heritage as a means of the fishermen to catch fish at sea for a living. In addition, as a means of transportation in the past traders sailed the seas to sell agricultural produce. Boat Sandeq, have characteristics that distinguish from most other bercadik boat. In fact, Sandeq been destined by foreign nations across the ocean, such as Australia and America.

Kabaena Island

This island is not known and the island has become a tourist destination, even in Southeast own, but do not lose much with the history of the royal tour of Buton and Wakatobi diving resorts, but at this Kabaena there are a variety of beautiful scenery untouched, unique and exotic as well as there is no other place.Kabaena an exotic island located in Southeast Sulawesi Province which is as far as two hours' drive west of the sea Baus on Buton Island.

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