Phinisi Boat Development

If we ask the residents in Ara, Tanah Beru, Bonto Sub District Marine South Bulukumba about the history of boat building Pinishi, then they spontaneously will give answers based on the mythology of the "Legend Sawerigading The Departure To China". Once, there was Sawerigading, son of King Luwu Batara Latu who loves a girl. Where is the girl Tenri Abeng Us Who else was her own sister, then the lights Keep Batara Latu refused Sawerigading who wanted to marry her sister. Gothen, bringing Sawerigading to go to China to use boats made of tree trunks Welengrenge.Pinishi Boat Development Sawerigading went. While Sawerigading leave the Kingdom Luwu, he vowed not to return again to Luwu. After traveling and a lot of obstacles, Sawerigading reportedly arrived in China and married with Cu Dai I We are also still cousins Sawerigading and settled in China. However, due to have left his homeland, Sawerigading dogged longing to go home. His desire to return is hisenthusiasm that led him forget the oath.Syahdan, Sawerigadingpun home. But the resentfulum go to the Land Luwu hometown, suddenly came crashing devastating hurricane and storm boats. Because of the strong storm hit, the boat Sawerigading broken to pieces. And, a fraction of the boat was stranded in some places. Since the host boats already in pieces, along with its crew Sawerigading settled a few days at the Mandala Beach Ria for breastfeedingsun back new boats assisted with the Ara. The boat that will take back to the Land Luwu Sawerigading.

New Boat Sawerigading that's what the local people called "Pinishi". The legend is then linked with the legacy making skills Pinishi Boat.People Ara saw and began wanting to make a boat. Especially when it found the location of fragments terdamparnya Sawerigading Boat, where phell and stomach contained Ara, ropes and sails at the Bira and her keel at Lemo-Lemo. Third place in the future have a unique designation in accordance dengankeahliannya, namely: Pasingkolo tu arayya (Expert pressed board), Pabingkung tu-lemoa Lemo (Expert Smooth) and Panre Patanga 'na Bira (Expert Sailing). Third location is disebut Panrita Lopi (Expert makes Boat).Legend Sawerigading becomes binding from the experts boat maker who is on Bonto Bahari Bulukumba south of Sulawesin. And, do not miss the boat as well as the retainer (expert boat makers), skipper (sailor) and Somabala (Traders). Third occupation in the voyage was also tied up with myth Sawerigading. According to the British scholar Horrigde (1979) put forward a development hypothesis Screen boats Pinishi Bugis-Makassar, that the boat display pinishi tersebut comes from an evolution that started from the boat SombalaTarenke, which sails one (lateenrig),then became Sombala Tanja, Sombala Pinishi and onwards to Sombala nadeng, then to Pinishi (schooner rig).
In the boat building process begins with preparing my Pinishilit and then followed the other boat. While most ofthe boat / ship in Europe in general is made by system framework first, and other elements. Demos make this boat ever held in Vouncuver Expo 1986,where the expo is making a boat are given for six months. Phinisi boat maker Team is led by Haji Abdullah won a victory with a record time of two developments Boat Pinishi months. While teams from other countries who use the system framework, within a longer time to complete.Orders pinishi boat building which has rooms mostly come from abroad. They ordered Phinisi large to be used as a cruise ship. The buyer during the waiting stage of completion of the manufacture of boats, they stay at the inn-lodging in Bira Beach. Sometimes they also go live on the boat while watching the stage of completion, which will be used to sail. Now, the boat Pinishi has become a commodity industry is maintained and preserved by the community Bonto Marine and protected by the government. Because the state has a lot of people overseas who come ordered to be made Pinishi type boat. According, Haji Omar as Assistant I, Section Administration and Regional Autonomy in South Sulawesi argues, "To protect from counterfeiting Pinishi shipbuilding and create patents, where patent rights are owned community boat maker in Bonto Marine protected by local governments . In addition, Bonto Bahari used as a location to visit Panrita Lopi called. " 

Stages of Creation Boat Pinishi 
Boat Pinishi, culture Bugis community in South Sulawesi, is a symbol of triumph in the field of maritime. These cultural assets to make Indonesia admired by its neighboring countries. Like grief in the process of making boat Pinishi by the courtier and his men, fostering a sense of profound admiration and awards. Making Phinisi boats still use the technology and tools that are very traditional, such as "bingku" and "singkolo".
"Formerly Pinishi created the first time by installing Kalabiseang, as a basis or foundation. Then Pangngepe or Pamula Lopi (board first), Bengo, Kanjai, Padolong, Buarakka, Rakkasala and Jambalam Balu-balu, "said Daeng Mattontong, expert boat makers from Ara. In contrast to the days of those days now, the grandson of Daeng Sapri Mattontong explained, that the installation Kalabiseang done first, then install stewen, the installation of this stewen in pair of hanger in front and rear. After that, the mounting board. Between boards of one another given the glue "toksi" and "Barru" for a meeting, then forwarded to the laying of the pole boss, who is also in conjunction with the laying of andronpanta (parent butt) on the back.
While in the hold space is the installation of deck beams or ivory with the first drill with the drill bit 58 of timber to be supporting. Further included pen made of iron to replace wood raw material. Once the pen is connected, given the white cement or sawed for excess pen does not appear and make a leak charge. Then proceed with the installation of poles in the front room and in the rear. Pillar front room exceeded up to the mast clamp.
Installation of the wall of the living room hatch to the steering room, done at the same time with the installation of the bedroom wall. The foundation was placed with a punch machine boss pole. And, preparation of cabins and deck planks of the boat stern and bow of the boat. The latter is a pole mounted display. After the sequence of manufacturing stages Pinishi boat is finished, then carried the painting with colors that are adjusted in order to order. Sometimes, the buyer is only asking created the framework which was taken to Jepara for carving
according to taste, also the installation of screens, ropes. After all the stages of completion and then conducted tests of shipping, usually the boat makers come sail for the boat to try it. "To make one boat is required within twelve months and the fastest eight months, depending on the agreement between the retainer and whether the applicant boat ", said Haji Abdullah who also often serve the order making the boat from inside and outside the country.
Not infrequently the boatmen who came from this Ara migrated to various areas, such as Kalimantan, Kendari, Maluku and Irian to make a boat. Kegembiran a boat maker is when the boat he made was on trial sailing and running smoothly, like the mood of a father who heard the cries of her newly born safely.
Pinishi Boat Equipment and Materials In a boat there are various kinds of tools used such as saws, machetes, drill, crabs, brush dan materials such as wood, Barru, boards and others. But the tools and materials are fundamental in making the boat is "Singkolo" as a tool used to smooth wood and board, also "Bingku" tool for smoothing boards.
While "Na'nasa" or wooden iron and wood bitti is the main ingredient in the manufacture of wooden boats. Generally boat makers in the Land of Beru ordered wood to Kalimantan, Irian, Maluku and Southeast Sulawesi. usually done once a month before the making of boats. With this in finding tools and materials needed careful of this. To Singkolo and Bingku each boater to have it.
While the wood for the manufacture of boats, if not available in the location, it must be booked elsewhere. Singkolo made of wood and nails, the tool is formed with a position that is not the same length between the two sides, as well as laying the nails are also made between the end opposite to each other . How to use Singkolo, in conjuction with Singkolo on wood or board that is not flat, and pull between end to end so thata straight line.
While Bingku made of wood that curved and fitted with a flat iron that has been honed to a sharp. How to use the means Bingku this by swinging into the wood or board that does not mean out of sight between the wood or board looks flat at the sides. Although both these tools seem simple, without this tool in making sure the boat will not get maximum results and smooth as desired. Both tools are always a major tool builders in making the boat.
There is one ingredient that also has an important function to make the boat so as not to leak, ie "Barru". Barru made of bark, has a color of brownish feathers and have a fine. Barru is placed between the boards that were previously given toksi glue. How to use, by installing Barru among the board that willbe connected so that the board did not have a gap that can cause leaks, and between connection board will look flat. With the help of a couple of tools and raw materials are specially selected, make the boat Pinishi be sturdy and resilient Tub solid rock from the blows of storms and waves. 

Phinisi Boat


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