Sandeq Boat

Majene District is one of the five district in West Sulawesi province region with 125 km long beach is located on the coast of West Sulawesi, stretching from South to North with an area of 947.84 km. Majene District 8 District is comprised of Banggae, East Banggae, Pamboang, Sendana, Tammero'do Sendana, Tubo Sendana, Malunda and Ulumanda, which covers 40 villages and wards. Majene district capital in the urban area of District Banggae 5515 km, which was in position south of Majene district, with an hour take about three hours to four hours from the capital of West Sulawesi (Mamuju) is ± 142 km.

SANDEQ, Mandar is a traditional boat heritage as a means of the fishermen to catch fish at sea for a living. In addition, as a means of transportation in the past traders sailed the seas to sell agricultural produce. Boat Sandeq, have characteristics that distinguish from most other bercadik boat. In fact, Sandeq been destined by foreign nations across the ocean, such as Australia and America.

Bercadik the boat-shaped tip pointed (sharp) and the average white paint clean-engine boat was now replaced most of which are used Mandar fishermen since the last few years. Now, Sandeq increasingly marginalized. The fishermen, prefer a boat engine with a variety of reasons. "Using the ship is more practical because it is driven machine, whereas with sandeq we rely on the wind," Syarifuddin, fishermen Ba'barura, Tangngatangnga Village, District Tinambung, explains.

Motorboat better known as the ship because it uses the same engine with a motor boat. Since the dependence on the machine, not a few fishermen still use boats equipped with Sandeq type machine.The fishermen who previously relied Sandeq, argues that the 'ship' is more practical. Does not require a large place to anchor or moor on the beach just to sell the fish in the sea. They are also difficult to find a place when docked on the beach because it's easy Sandeq wings brushed with another boat.Sandeq who became the pride of the community Mandar, currently only used for a race boat that recently popular with the  Boat Sandeq more Left out"Sandeq race" as an annual event before the anniversary Proklamasi.Sandeq boat a few years ago a lot of looks on the beach, now replaced with a row boat motor. The remaining can be counted on the fingers only become 'gatekeepers' beach. Model Sandeq still be found also in the form of plasters (Lepa-lepa) that is used by small boat fishermen go to sea not far from the beach.Sandeq phenomenon, should receive attention. In addition to preserve one of the pride of the past, as well as to save capital that does little to build a boat sandeq. Sandeq build a simple measure of capital required is 3-4 tons Rp 6 until 7 million. Sandeq equipped with some specialized equipment, requiring the least additional costs Rp 2,5 million. "At least we should be prepared to Rp 10 million," according Zubaer, owner of several boats sandeq. That number, approximately equal to the construction of a boat motor.
In the book of "community policing in Figures 2004 no motorized boats (types sandeq) recorded 536, 522 and outboard motor boats 455 units. In 2002, sandeq numbered 713 and 373 units of motor boats. In Sub Tinambung, the number of motor vessel 151, while the boat 39 until. Fewer the number, 33 units in District Balanipa than motor boats as much as 199 units. Sandeq it is pride, but at some point will just be memories of the past without a concrete effort to save him.


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