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More than 5 million square meters in waters around the Indonesian archipelago. No doubt, Indonesia became a shelter for hundreds or even thousands of species of underwater creatures and coral clusters are beautiful and colorful. Surely this country offers many dive sites which is a dream for most divers.
Due to the often volatile political situation and a warning to tourists who are usually too much, you'll rarely find this country in the list of most tourists travel. Fortunately for tourists who are brave and adventurous, this means fewer tourists and more peace, so you better be able to enjoy the beauty as you like. Here is a list of eight stunning dive sites in Indonesia.

Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi
Still in North Sulawesi, there are other icons of the world diving, Lembeh Strait. This location is renowned internationally as the diversity of marine life that exists only in the place. Here you will be able to find the mimic octopus, pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, and hairy frogfish. This place is a paradise for underwater photography and is often called the "Qiblah of Macro Photography." After all remain vigilant, the beauty of the Lembeh Strait is for experienced divers.

Bunaken, North Sulawesi
This place is famous dive sites that have an international reputation is better than the other, consisting of small islands such as Pulau Sialdoen, Ganga, Mantehage, Nine and an old mountain in the middle of the sea, Manado Tua. Snorkeling and diving is very popular here with more than sixteen point dive spread across an area of islands. Bunaken has grooves as deep as 30 feet, housing a variety of species of fish and other marine life. Shark sightings are common, so be careful!

Komodo Island, Flores
The island is usually known for being a playground for the dragons, giant lizard species. For scuba diving, Komodo Island also has a number of the best dive sites in the country. From Sebayour Small, Small and Middle Island Red Beach offers a variety of underwater attractions as diverse mackerel, cod and grouper.
At Red Beach, not far from the beach, you'll find a 5-meter full derivation of colorful fish. There are more dive sites on the coast such as the western part of Flores Island, Tatawa, Tatawa Small Island, Rinca Island and the island of Nusa Node.

Takabonerate National Marine Park South Sulawesi

The Dive Resort situated on Tinabo Island the the center of "The Taka Bonerate Islands - Taka Bonerate National Park" The coverage of Taka Bonerate National Park is 220.000 hectares with 21 separated small islands. It is in the center of richest marine biodiversity in the world and consider as one of largest coral reef area.


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