Land tour Selayar Island South Sulawesi Indonesia

Ours over the island can be organised for guests. They are not included in the price for the resort as they are organised by local guides who can then also benefit from the guests at the resort. The trips are always planned according to the wishes of the guests. They offer an unforgettable insight into the life of the islanders. Most guests visit the traditional market in Benteng, the Capital of Selayar, and the Dongson Drum, a gong that was given as a wedding present by a Chinese prince several centuries ago.

Waterfalls and cavesare also destinations for a trip. The tours are always an adventure and the local guides are pleased to show the guests the island through their eyes, always endeavouring to make mystical places and the unique nature of the island into an unforgettable experience. The guides also often add some personal details, combined with something very mysterious,
such as a crocodile that is the reincarnation of a dead sister or a fossilized skull which is guarded like a treasure by an old man. Well, best to leave something to be a surprise!

Cave tour at the beach of Selayar Dive Resort

A must for all guests is a visit to the cave at the beach. The staff are pleased to guide you through the rainforest directly bordering the resort, some way up the steep fossilized coral reef building the back land. The destination is a fascinating stalactite cavern. Nowadays it is inhabited by bats, but fossilized bones and a coffin are witnesses of a time long past and leave room for a wild imagination of what once happened there….

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