Sembilan Islands

Sembilan islands are row of small islands, which is promoted by the local goverment of Sinjai as the marine tourism spot. The area has great potentials mainly because of the coral reef and various kinds of fishes in the sea. It is called sembilan islands because it consists of nine islands, namely Kambuno, Ling-ling, Burungloe, Kodingare, Batang Lampe, Katingdoang, Kanalo I, kanalo II, and Larea-rea islands. Among the nine islands, one of them-Larea-rea-is empty. The sembilan islands tourism spot is also supported by another smaller island, which is just recently formed (formed of soft sand in the from crystal). This is already very popularly known. Along the beach of the sembilan islands, the visitors can view the beauty of white sands and small trees grown along the island. In addition, the sembilan island also supported by clam and small wave and almost never been dash by big wave. This makes very great potential to be further developed as the water sports center such as diving, water ski. oar and fishing.


Ujung Kupang Beach
Every year, tradisional bout racing is heldas well as Ma'rimpa Salo, namely a ritual ceremony to express gratefulness upon the success harvest both in the land (farmers) and the sea (fisherman) the ceremony is held by catching fish by expelling the fish to the estuary of the river.Still on hundreds of tradisional boats, art and culture attractions are conducted such as tradisional music. The fish will come into the trap, tradisional called Belle. As soon as the fishes have been already trapped in the Belle, then everybody catch them and taken them into the land. This activity has been carried out periodically every August 15 every year.


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