The diving center Selayar Dive Resort South Sulawesi Indonesia

The diving center is sited right next to the restaurant in the middle of the Selayar Dive Resort, only a few steps from the jetty. We have 40 121-tanks with INT connections, ready for use at any time. Guests are invited to take these tanks whenever they wish to go diving on the house reef. Tanks are already on board the boats for dive trips. We use high-quality Bauer compressors that operate in the jungle far from the resort so that the tranquillity of the resort is not disturbed Since safety is a great concern to us, an emergency kit with oxygen is however always present at the diving center. 

We have dive equipment available for rent at a reasonable price. DIN adaptors, weights and a surface market buoy are provided on request free of charge. Facilities in the form of two big freshwater tanks for rinsing equipment and cameras etc stand in front of the diving center.

Diving boats: speed combined with comfort
We have 3 speedboats with up to 400 PS, equipped with Volvo and Yamaha motors. They offer fast and comfortable trips to the dive sites. The fastest of the three boats is also used to bring guests to the resort from Sulawesi. Each seat has space under it, where staff will put the tank and equipment of each diver before a trip. Each guest will be provided with a coloured plastic box at his or her bungalow on arrival. Use of these, makes it easier to keep everyone’s individual equipment together. We even have some padded boxes for cameras. Long ladders on each boat make it easy to climb back on board. 

Going diving with Selayar Dive Resort South Sulawesi Indonesia
We meet at the dive center, the time of departure and the dive sites are fixed the day before and written on a blackboard in the restaurant. There are no fixed dive times as we always try to offer the best for our guests and therefore we choose the times in accordance with the moon, respectively the tides. In the morning at the dive center you get a briefing which is repeated briefly when we arrive at the dive site. The complete dive equipment is already on the boat. Getting to the dive sites normally doesn’t take very long. When the trip takes longer or when we go for a day tour we tell you in time! You find your box under your seat in the boat. When everybody is ready the boatsman takes the group to the exact dive point and the guide gives you the sign to let yourself fall from the boat! Back on board you disassemble your equipment and store it in the boxes under your seat. After the second boat dive the staff take the boxes to the dive center and rinse your equipment if you like.


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